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Exploring the Wisdom of Karma FH web.png

Fountain Hills Branch Class
Tuesday, 2 - 3:15pm
April 30th

Exploring the Wisdom of Karma
at the Fountains United Methodist Church

Cost: $10

Karma explains why each individual has a unique mental disposition, a unique physical appearance, and unique experiences. These are the effects of the countless actions that each of us has performed in the past. Understanding karma starts to give us control and dispels confusion from our life, and understanding it is the basis for many pure experiences and spiritual realizations. If we know how to create the best karma, we will experience a very bright future.

For every action we perform we experience a similar result.
~ Vinaya Sutras by Buddha Shakyamuni

Learn about:
• What is karma?
• What makes good or bad karma?
• What are the results of an action?
• How to avoid negative karma, and create good karma

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About the teacher

Kelsang Tharden is a Kadampa Buddhist monk with over eight years of study and practice. Kelsang Tharden's understanding of Dharma and his practical approach make him a good teacher and role model for those seeking to integrate Buddhism into their daily lives. He is known for his calm and compassionate demeanor, and his ability to guide students with patience and wisdom.

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