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The Practice of Giving Gen Tabkay edit.png

The Practice of Giving - a Path to Happiness and Good Fortune

Saturday, June 10th

10 - 11:30am

Free | Everyone Welcome

Available in-person (for everyone) and via livestream (for members)

Giving is an essential aspect of Buddhism, and this talk will explore its importance in our daily lives. Through the teachings of the Kadampa tradition, we will learn how generosity can bring us happiness, joy, and good fortune.


During this free talk, we will explore practical tips for cultivating a generous heart and mind. We will discuss how we can practice generosity in our daily lives, from offering a kind heart to our friends and family to giving deeply profound spiritual advice. By learning the practice of giving, we can bring greater meaning and purpose to our lives, while also benefitting others. This event is open to all, regardless of your previous experience with Buddhism.


“From giving comes wealth,”

Precious Garland, by Venerable Nagarjuna

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ABOUT the teacher

Kelsang Tharden is a Kadampa Buddhist monk with over eight years of study and practice. Kelsang Tharden's understanding of Dharma and his practical approach make him a good teacher and role model for those seeking to integrate Buddhism into their daily lives. He is known for his calm and compassionate demeanor, and his ability to guide students with patience and wisdom.

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