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The inner science of meditation

march 26 I 7pM-8:30pm

at Tempe Center for the Arts

with International Teacher and Buddhist monk, Gen Kelsang Rigpa


Meditation is an inner science. By comparison with outer science, which for all its great benefits, brings many dangers and conflicts, inner science brings only peace and never any danger. 

In this talk you will learn:

  • Why meditation is an inner science

  • How to develop a positive, peaceful state of mind

  • How to increase your confidence that happiness is possible 

The inner science of meditation is geared towards fulfilling our deepest wish, which is our wish for happiness. In this special public talk and meditation, learn how by applying the practice of meditation and Buddhist psychology in our life we can discover real happiness in our own experience. Everyone is welcome!


Gen Rigpa's sincere heart and clear mind really shine throughout the teaching. I walked away feeling very happy and very blessed.


Life-changing. If you are interested at all in self-improvement or meditation this is definitely a great place to start!

This changed my life for the better. Much happier and more peaceful.




Gen Kelsang Rigpa is the Western US National Spiritual Director of the NKT-IKBU and the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center LA. Through his clear presentation and heartfelt teachings, he is able to help students easily integrate Buddha’s timeless teachings into our modern world, in a way that makes everyday life joyful and meaningful.

Free Parking available in West Hardy lot (see image below)

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