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The Emptiness Project: Liberation in This life

Saturday, November 18th
With Gen Kelsang Choma
In three sessions

$50 | Member discounts available

Available in-person (for everyone) and online (for members)

In this day course, connect with the liberating power of Buddha’s profound teachings on the nature of reality, emptiness.


In this special event, you will learn how to gain practical experience of emptiness and how it can be used to transform your mind, overcome obstacles, and experience true liberation in this life. Whether you are new to Buddhism or have been practicing for years, this course is suitable for anyone who is interested in exploring the profound teachings of emptiness and their transformative power. Join us for a day of profound insight, practical guidance, and deep inspiration.


10 - 11:15am: Teaching and meditation

11:45am - 1pm: Teaching and meditation

2:45 - 4pm: Teaching and meditation

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ABOUT the teacher

Gen Kelsang Choma is an ordained Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher of KMC San Francisco.


With over 30 years of experience, she brings a wealth of spiritual joy, insight, practicality, and empathy to her teachings and meditations.

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