The Power of Prayer:

a Kadampa response to

a pandemic

With commentary to liberation

from sorrow

Tuesday, May 5 live-streaming (available 1 week

after live-stream)

4pm - 5:30pm

with Gen Kelsang Tabkay


It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of personal and worldwide difficulties being experienced with this pandemic. In Buddhism we understand the power of our minds in creating our reality, which is why we focus our minds to benefit ourselves and our world through the practice of prayer.


In this teaching, Gen Kelsang Tabkay will explain how we can learn to engage in the prayer practice Liberation from Sorrow. This practice will bring us temporary protection and ultimately will guide us to complete enlightenment.

Following this teaching will be a worldwide 24 hour hour retreat on the practice of Buddha Tara, Liberation from Sorrow.

Arizona retreat session times:

May 7

6pm, 10pm 

May 8

2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm

"Our job is to pray for world peace - anytime, anywhere. With compassion, we make dedications and pray to develop and maintain inner and outer peace and harmony. We know right now there are so many dangers, so many problems, wars, and terrible things - so we try to repair them, to pacify them, to cause all these dangers and obstacles to cease. We pray that the people of this world will experience peaceful, happy minds and meaningful lives. And through our pure intention, our good works, the power of these prayers, and particularly through receiving the blessings of enlightened beings, these results will definitely come. Our job is to pray."

- Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche


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