The Attitude of Gratitude: Overcoming boredom, anxiety, and loneliness

Saturday, November 17th

10am - 1:00pm

with Buddhist monk and Resident Teacher, Kelsang Tabkay

$20 pre-registration; $25 at door (membership discounts apply)

By learning to meditate on the kindness that surrounds us, as well as our deep interdependence with all living beings we can develop the ability to overcome feelings of boredom, anxiety, and loneliness. Not only will we find freedom from these painful emotions, but we will replace them with a deep and stable happiness that will be unable to be disturbed by changing conditions in our life. Each session will include a guided meditation and teaching on how to develop this peace in our heart.


Session 1: 10am - 11:15am

Break:  11:15 - 11:45am

Session 2: 11:45am - 1:00pm

About the Teacher

Kelsang Tabkay is an American Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix.


He has been a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for many years. Tabkay presents Buddhism and meditation in an accessible and clear way, dedicating himself to bringing peace into the hearts of others. 

Venue Location: 
Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix
614 East Townley Ave, Phoenix, AZ

Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix  is a non-profit organization established to bring inner peace to our busy, hectic lives. Through practicing the methods taught, everyone can discover lasting happiness from within.


614 East Townley Ave

Phoenix AZ 85020



LGBTQ+ Friendly and Welcomed! 

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