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Stages of the Path Retreat

January 7-9; 14-16 | * see schedule below


January 7-9 (weekend 1)
$10 | Member benefits apply
Saturday - Sunday: $35 | Member benefits apply
(does not include lunch)

January 14-16 (weekend 2)


Friday: $10 | Member benefits apply

Saturday - Sunday: $35 | Member benefits apply
(does not include lunch)

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Stages of the Path, or ‘Lamrim’ is a special arrangement of all Buddha’s teachings that is easy to understand and put into practice. The Lamrim takes us step-by-step through carefully crafted meditations so we can purposefully nourish the qualities in our mind that lead to our happiness and reduce our painful thoughts and feelings. For example, some of the meditations help us enhance our self-confidence, empathy, or contentment. Others aid us in overcoming distractions, anger, or depression. Overall, by practicing these meditations in conjunction with one another we will notice our mind becoming healthier, stronger, and finally more enlightened.
This guided retreat will be a powerful and transformative way to start the New Year. Each session will include an explanation of the meditation from Gen Tabkay, brief prayers (Prayers for Meditation), and a guided meditation. The meditations will be based on the 14 meditations presented in How to Understand the Mind.

Retreat Schedule:

Friday, January 7

Session 1: 7-8:30pm - Precious Human Life


Saturday, January 8

Session 1: 9-10:15am - Death and Impermanence

Session 2: 11-12:15pm - Rebirth/Refuge

Session 3: 1:45-3:00pm - Karma

Session 4: 3:45-5:00pm - Renunciation


Sunday, January 9

Session 1: 2-3:15pm - Meditation on determination to recognize, reduce and abandon self grasping ignorance

Session 2: 6:30-7:45pm - Meditation on determination to enter and make progress on the path to liberation


Friday, January 14

Session 1: 7-8:30pm - Meditation on the ultimate truth of cessation


Saturday, January 15

Session 1: 9-10:15am - Meditation on cherishing all living beings

Session 2: 11-12:15pm - Meditation on universal compassion

Session 3: 1:45-3:00pm - Meditation on the supreme good heart, bodhichitta

Session 4: 3:45-5:00 - Meditation on our determination and promise to sincerely practice the six perfections


Sunday, January 16

Session 1: 2-3:15pm - Meditation on training in yogic direct perceivers

Session 2: 4-4:15pm - Meditation on training in yogic direct perceivers


ABOUT the teacher

Gen Kelsang Tabkay is a Kadampa Buddhist monk and the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix. He has been a student of contemporary Buddhist Master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for many years. Gen Tabkay presents Buddhism and meditation in an accessible and clear way, dedicating himself to bringing peace into the hearts of others.