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Frequently Asked Questions

about Buddhism & Meditation

  • Where do I start?
    If you have a wish to learn how to meditate or to find out about Buddhism, here is where to go: The General Program (GP) Classes at the Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix and its branches are the perfect place to learn. The classes are designed both as a series and as stand-alone classes, so you can attend any class even if the series has already started. Find out more about these classes here.
  • Who are these classes for?
    Our meditation classes for beginners are for everyone who is interested in learning how to meditate, regardless of background or belief. They are designed to give a broad introduction to Buddhist meditation, teachings, and practice. Buddhism is a non-evangelical religion and so everyone is invited to use whatever aspects of the teachings they find helpful and to not worry about the rest!
  • What will I gain from these classes?
    The classes will allow you to relax your mind and return home energized and refreshed. They will provide you with new tools for dealing with stress, anxiety, and problems. They will also help you to overcome negative states of mind such as anger and jealousy and to cultivate positive minds such as patience and love. The talks and guided meditations will provide you with the foundation for developing a powerful meditation practice. A regular meditation practice has many benefits: ​ helps reduce stress overcomes anxiety and worry brings inner calm and a feeling of well-being gives clarity to solve our problems helps us deal with challenging people and situations
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