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Meditation for Kids
Ages 5 - 12

2 Sundays in June~2nd &16th 

10 - 11:15am

Cost is by donation (suggested: $5)

Our children’s classes at KMC Phoenix teach kids how to meditate plus introduce them to foundational Buddhist concepts: how to connect to a sense of inner peace, to identify with our astounding potential, develop compassion and gratitude for the kindness of others, and let go of agitating states of mind like anger and jealousy. Regular attendance at these classes can assist kids with the development of important life skills such as increased empathy, respect for others, self control and concentration.

All classes include some guided brief meditation, a short prayer, practical teaching or story and a fun craft or game.  These lessons in meditation and Buddhist teachings, can plant seeds in these young minds that will flower for years to come, giving them insight into the power we have to create our own experiences and to be a positive influence in the world. 

The classes run simultaneously with the General Program class in our main meditation room, which many parents attend.

Parents must remain on the premises while their child is attending class.

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Please Note: Meditation for Kids will be on Summer Break beginning June 17th to June 24th.
Class Resumes Sunday, Aug. 25th

Schedule and topics:


26th - No class


2nd - Watching our Thoughts :Story of Geshe Ben Gungyal

9th - No class

16th - Where does happiness come from? Cherishing others

What do I do on Sunday morning? Before the teaching begins, check in with your child at the KMC Phoenix front desk. Children aged 5 -12 are welcome to join us in our children’s room for their own teaching, craft, and meditation. If you have a child that is younger and needs more attention, you are welcome to stay with them in our community room video link area. After the class, you will pick your child up at their classroom. Parents must remain on the premises while their child is attending class.

Who will teach or take care of my child? All of our children’s teachers at KMC Phoenix have attended for at least 1 year, been vetted by our management team for being exemplary teachers of compassion and kindness, and have passed a federal background check. In every children’s class there will always be at least two adult volunteers present at all times.

What if my child doesn't want me to leave? We know that it's sometimes hard to step into a new environment without your trusted parent or guardian. If your child needs you to help them transition to class, you are welcome to stay in the children’s class with them anytime! You are also welcome to talk to their teacher and we will do everything we can to make them feel welcomed and safe.

Can I help? We love to facilitate our parents to help make our children’s class possible: through assisting, helping with crafts, or donations of supplies. If you are interested in helping in any way, please reach out to our Educational Program Coordinator, Kelsang Tharden ( and she will get back to you about the next steps in volunteering.

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